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    • Reinvent Real-Time Movements
      Nov 6, 2013 at 11:00 am PT
      Reinvent Real-Time Movements

      Reinventing Real-time Movements was a quintessential roundtable. It had all the key elements: Douglas Rushkoff, our anchor, clearly explained why the old way of doing movements is obsolete. Meanwhile, the new form of bottom-up movement that seems to be emerging in the form of Occupy and the like seems much better suited for the decentralized, digital era and better positioned to solve more chronic problems like global warming. Yet there are many challenges working against the full realization of this new kind of movement - like a national attention span that lunges from spectacle to spectacle, and a digital infrastructure that appears compromised by the NSA. Read more →

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    • Reinvent Outer Space
      Reinvent Outer Space

      SciFi author David Brin led an amazing roundtable of space entrepreneurs, experts and NASA scientists to rough out some of the ambitious new goals that could drive the next "Barnstorming Era" in space, ranging from mining asteroids to exploring for life in the roofed water worlds of our solar system. They talked about the critical next steps would be needed to lay the groundwork for this next era - like changing government's central role to a more supporting one, and dropping the cost of getting payloads into space by an order of magnitude. Watch and tell us where you think we could take space exploration. Read more →

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Meet some of the remarkable reinventors who have anchored a video roundtable or will participate in a future one. Click on each photo for more:

Founder, Define American

Founder of Rootstrikers, author of Lesterland

Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future

The NCAAP's Senior Advisor to the President and Senior Director for Voting Rights

President of the Monitor Institute, now part of Monitor Deloitte

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PolicyLink

Cofounder of Global Business Network

U.S. Treasury Department, Director of Smart Disclosure, Office of Consumer Policy

Founder of Zipcar, Buzzcar, afficionado of sharing

The inventor of BitTorrent

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